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A logistics company involves much more than just provision of transportation services. Our duties include not just the delivery of cargo from destination A to destination B, butthe organization and management of all issues which mayoccur in the delivery process. For all new customers we develop a personalized delivery route, that respects the quantity of cargo, distance, as well as the legislation of countries involved in the delivery route. Furthermore, it is important to consider the weather conditions and advantages or disadvantages of different types of vehicles, as well as to consider many other factors. First of all, basing on the shipment type and the cost of delivery, our professionals develop an optimized delivery plan; constantly finding new ways how to improve the delivery time and optimize costs.

It is of vital importance for the logistics company's employees, to arrange all necessary documents in advance, thus enabling a cargo to pass quickly through borders and transit points. These operations include: customs clearance, cargo execution, as well as record and preparation of all necessary documents which are required to overcome the disparities in standards of legislation in different countries. Our clients can be sure that allInternational Conventions Applicable to the Transit Transport will be considered. Our specialists monitor and immediately react to any changes in international or domestic legislation, thus reliable and fast transportation of cargoes is achieved. Furthermore, if there is a need- our specialists are ready to consult every customer individually.